crops of hay, corn, grains such as oats, wheat, barley and turnip and rutabagas for animal feed.

Doug's father, Gordon, attended the University of Guelph during the 1950's and came back to the farm to expand the dairy operation by purchasing more dairy cows.

Doug attended Ridgetown college in the mid 1980's and like his father came back to manage the family farm.

Beth was born and raised in Drumbo and started to work at her parents’ grocery store at the age of 13. She has knowledge in all areas of grocery, meat, deli and produce, from marketing and displaying products. Now she has come full circle to growing the produce to sell.

In 1999, Doug sold the dairy herd and cash cropped for one year.  Looking for other avenues of farming he looked at organic agriculture and started the three year transition period in 2000.  Starting in 2002 the farm was fully certified organic! All 235 workable acres.  This was also the year we got married.  With influences from Doug's sister Mary, (she has a certified organic apple orchard), she encouraged us to grow a few vegetables, and by 2005 we had a large market garden.

Today, Doug still cash crops a total of 270 acres, both owned and rented. Our vegetables are available at Oakridge Acres, Greenfield Road, Ayr, Barries Asparagus Farm, Kings Road, Cambridge and at our farm gate during the growing season.

Q. What does being organic mean?
Q. What is "Genetically Modified" seed?
Q.  How can we avoid GMOs, growth hormones and antibiotics in the food we eat ?

We are the McRuer family. Doug, Beth, and our young sons Will, Matt and Keith. The McRuers have been living in the Ayr area since the 1850's.  In 1929 Doug's grandfather bought our present day farm at 5139 Trussler Road, south of Ayr.
Grandpa had a typical mixed farm for the time, with sheep, pigs and dairy cows, a few laying hens, field